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The Two Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Woodstock

Woodstock is not your regular town; it is well known all over the world by history buffs, scholars, and ordinary tourists. It is home to Britain’s most magnificent palace—Blenheim Palace, which is a world heritage site. It is also the birthplace of and burial place of one the greatest military and political minds in history—Winston Churchill. If the above reasons are not enough to convince people to make Woodstock one of the most preferred tourist destinations, here are two more reasons.

Amazing Facts about Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is famous for many other things apart from the ones discussed in the introductory paragraph. It is surrounded by more than 2,000 acres of landscaped parklands done by one of ‘England’s most celebrated gardeners’—Capability Brown. The grounds are a walker’s dream come true as they include: beautiful gardens, a magnificent lake, and beautiful off-track trails. The grounds also include the Temple of Diana where Winston proposed to Clementine.

The Center of The Weaving Trade

Woodstock was once referred to as the center of the weaving trade, and this is seen when anyone embarks on the ‘Textile trail.’ This trail showcases the world famous Blenheim Palace Tapestries, the captivating Stonesfield Embroidery that hangs at the Oxfordshire Museum, the Woodstock Wallhangings at the Townhall and finally the collection of more than 100 kneelers at the St. Magdalen Church. If anyone wants to visit these places in one day, they can plan to visit any day of the week.

This tourist attractions discussed above are just a tiny snippet. The only way to fully experience the wonders of Woodstock is to visit the town.

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